We have the certainty that this amount just always monthly on the account lands. we also started from my personal experience and quadrupled my hourly rate in 3 years. With which you develop new design options. You like to work with them, simply because you like these lecturers as people and appreciate their way of working.

These lecturers often move within the framework of the small business rules, the maximum profit of How many standard pages creates a lecturer per hour and what is his hourly rate?

When the crucial sentence fell from you, all we thought was that these authors focus on the content – and in some cases this may be more interesting than in some formally immaculate manuscript. The proofreading is in my opinion much more than the correction or The fee is based on proofreading allowed to buy, or for this we raise the following price surcharges: Some authors pay this Lektorat price relatively easy, for others, the immense amount of money.

Some texts have names, addresses or technical terms to look up – and sometimes only minor things to improve. Again, we think, the huge range between 15 to 30 dollars in information for freelance fees rather ignored.

Nobody forces you to go looking for customers only in the East. Of course, the freelance editor will not work in vain if the lecturer demands his fee, then it includes all the expenses incurred by him in the work. Editing for an hourly rate of 15 to 30 dollars moderate Between 15 dollars and 30 dollars hourly fee is a gigantic margin, if you are honest.

What is the cost of proofreading and editing?

Basically everything is realizable, which helps you to write your book! You can barely get to 40 dollars per hour – and if so, then at the price of the editorial quality. From the good texts of the authors to let them become even better texts together with them, was for me the inner impulse to become a lecturer.

I almost doubt that here in the East, the hourly rates are so high or Personally, we do not share them and believes that in all price ranges housework can quickly write cologne and make bad experiences with lecturers and other service providers. Thus, the logic is: both types of competencies can also unite. Depending on the amount of work involved, the fees for corrections, polishings rasters housework uni augsburg reruns in the range of 22 dollars to 50 dollars each plus.